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RentAnythingStore.com Owners' Protection Program

At Rent Anything Store, we prioritize the interests, safety and security of our owners. As part of our Owners Protection Program, we have incorporated several key elements into our Terms of Service and our process to help protect our owners from liability and to help ensure a secure environment for all users.

As part of our Owners Protection Guarantee Coverage, each item you rent out is covered up to a maximum value of $2500 per booking, ensuring your interests are protected. According to our Terms of Service, renters are responsible for the full repair or replacement cost of items that are not returned or are returned damaged.

Understanding Your Protection Under RentAnythingStore.com Terms of Service

At Rent Anything Store, we prioritize the safety and security of our owners. As part of our Owner Protection Program, we have incorporated a comprehensive hold harmless and third-party indemnity clause into our Terms of Service. This clause helps to ensure that owners are protected against any claims, liabilities, or damages that may arise from third-party interactions or the use of our platform. By agreeing to our Terms of Service upon signing up, all users commit to indemnifying and holding harmless both Rent Anything Store and our valued owners. This means that in the event of any disputes or legal issues, owners can operate with peace of mind, knowing that they can refer to this robust protection and support from Rent Anything Store.

Ensuring Secure Rentals Through Industry Leading Verification

One of the most effective ways to ensure you’re renting to reliable and genuine guests is through our verification process. At RentAnythingStore.com, we verify all paid users through Stripe, a trusted third-party payment processor. Stripe conducts a thorough vetting process to confirm the identity of users before they can use their payment system. This provides an additional layer of security, as only verified individuals can make payments and rent your items.

In addition to payment verification, users' emails are verified when they sign up on RentAnythingStore.com. This dual-layer of verification helps build a secure community, giving you confidence that the individuals you’re renting to are who they say they are.

Request to Rent: A Transparent and Flexible Process

To further ensure that you’re renting to the right kind of person, RentAnythingStore.com uses a request-to-book system. Here’s how you can make the most of this process:

  1. Review Profiles: When a renter sends a request to book, you have the opportunity to review their profile. Look at their previous reviews and any other available information to gauge if they’re a good fit to rent your item.

  2. Communicate Directly: Feel free to ask potential renters additional questions. This direct communication allows you to better understand their intentions, expectations, and compatibility.

  3. Set Clear Expectations: Ensure that renters are fully aware of the requirements and expectations. This can include detailed descriptions on how to use, clean or maintain, an item during a rental period.

  4. Transparency is Key: Maintain transparency throughout the rental process. Clearly communicate any important details and be open to answering any questions renters might have. This builds trust and ensures everyone is on the same page.

  5. Accept When Comfortable: Only accept the rental when you feel completely comfortable with the renter. This ensures that you’re confident in the rental and can look forward to a positive and enjoyable experience.

Secure & Closed Two Way Communication

  1. In-App Messaging: Providing a secure messaging system within the platform to keep all communications between owners and renters private and monitored.
  2. Encrypted Data: Ensuring that all personal and financial data is encrypted and securely stored.

Closed & Securen Review and Rating Systems

  1. Closed Review System: Using a closed review system where only verified owners and renters who have completed a rental can leave reviews, ensuring authenticity.
  2. Mutual Ratings: Allowing both owners and renters to rate and review each other, fostering mutual accountability.

About the Owners Protection Guarantee Coverage

With our Owner Guarantee, we offer coverage up to $2500 per rental against non-returns and damage. If you have insurance, use that first. If it doesn't cover the issue, the Rent Anything Store Owner Protection Guarantee will step in.

If renters don't return items, our terms ensure they are responsible for the full replacement costs. If they don't cooperate, the Owner Protection Guarantee provides compensation based on repair, replacement, or the original value, whichever is less.

1. What Gets Covered?

1.1. We protect your items against damage or non-return up to $2500 per booking.

1.2. If you have commercial insurance, use it first before applying our guarantee.

2. What Is Not Covered?

2.1. Damage:

  • Mechanical or electrical failures.

  • Pre-existing defects like rust, moths, or humidity.

  • Items already damaged before rental.

  • Alterations made before the rental.

  • Normal wear and tear.

  • Damage with unknown causes.

  • Delicate items without protective cases.

  • Items needing maintenance.

  • Vintage items with significant wear.

  • Minor scrapes and scratches.

  • Damage from natural disasters or global events.

  • Flat tires or punctures on electric scooters.

2.2. Other Exclusions:

  • Lost income from delays or unfulfilled rentals.

  • Public or product liability.

  • Real estate, campervans, living beings, chemicals, or weapons.

  • Rentals in progress during a claim.

  • Transactions with unverified third parties.

3. Eligibility Criteria

You must:

  • Be the account holder.

  • Pass the verification process.

  • Have no serious convictions in the past 5 years.

  • Have no county court judgments, debt relief orders, or bankruptcies.

  • Have never been refused insurance.

  • Have made no more than two insurance claims in the past 5 years.

  • Ensure items are handed over only to verified Rent Anything Store renters.

4. Claim Process

4.1. We cover repair costs, replacement value, or the original price minus depreciation.

4.2. Our Resolution Team decides if an item is repairable or not.

4.3. We will pursue compensation from the renter per our Terms of Service.

5. Your Responsibilities

5.1. To open a claim, you must:

  • Request compensation from the renter.

  • Report incidents to law enforcement and get a reference number.

  • Ensure the item was listed for rental.

  • Provide accurate documentation and proof of value.

5.2. Business owners must use their insurance first.

5.3. Use any supplier warranty before coming to us.

5.4. Notify us within 24 hours of an incident.

5.5. Assist in recovering the item and renter's dues.

5.6. Submit all claim information within three days.

Fraud Prevention

Submitting false information or a fraudulent claim will result in serious consequences, including reimbursement demands, legal action, and a permanent platform ban.

For any assistance, contact us at hey@RentAnythingStore.com. Happy renting with Rent Anything Store!