rental history

Here's the Spooled Yarn of Our Rent Anything Journey!

Having spent the last 30 years building a variety of different rental companies including Bobcats, Scaffolding, Swing Stages, Small Tools, Booms & Scissor Lifts, Linens, Costumes, and Party Rentals, we felt that launching the Rent Anything Store was a perfect way to share the benefits of renting with others.

Stuffed to the rafters like your uncle's tool shed, our marketplace offers a smorgasbord of items - tools, clothes, you name it - all just a click away. We're firm believers in the age-old idea of "Why buy when you can rent anything?" and are as tickled as a hog in mud to help you save your pennies.

But, hold onto your hats because there's more to this hoedown! By choosing to rent, you're doing more than just being kind to your wallet. You're giving ol' Mother Nature a friendly wink and a nod. By reducing waste and decreasing carbon emissions, you're helping us make the world a tidier, lovelier place. And we reckon that's worth celebrating!

Got questions rattling around in your noggin or need help faster than a prairie dog digs a hole? Our support team has got your back. Just give us a shout at We'll swoop in quicker than a roadrunner with a coyote on its tail!


Welcome to the mission to reduce our carbon footprint one rental at a time!

Now, you might be wondering if renting has all the brouhaha about going green boiled down to a biscuit, right? Well, let me tell you, we're not just whistling Dixie here!

Every time you decide to rent an item instead of buying brand spanking new, you're like a knight in shining armour storming the castle of waste. Fewer items need production, which means less consumption of resources, less waste ending up in our landfills, and a thumbs-up to renewable living!

Imagine this - you store away a seldom-used lawn mower in your garden shed, gathering more dust than a ghost town on a windless day. Instead, let it out to your neighbours on Rent Anything. You'd be putting jingles in your pocket, and we'd collectively be cutting down on the number of lawnmowers that need to be manufactured. It's a win-win, quicker than a cat licking its whiskers!

By choosing to rent, you are part of a community that's grinning like a bobcat in a birdhouse. We're all helping the planet get a much-needed breather, reducing our carbon paw prints one rental at a time. We're proud as punch to have you as part of this mission!

Remember, if you need a hand or got a question burning up faster than dry wood on bonfire night, our team's on it like a car bonnet. Just ping us at, and we'll round you up an answer faster than a greased pig at a county fair!

Together, Mate, we’ll make the Earth a cleaner, happier old globe, one rental at a time. Welcome aboard to this joyride!

We're the Rent Anything Crew, Greener Than a Tree Frog and Ready to Serve!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead